Commercial Job Inside Burst Pipe Underground Connections has extensive experience in both Commercial and Municipal drain cleaning/jetting as well as offering many trenchless sewer replacement options.

We provide excellent service to restaurants, office buildings, as well as factories, cities, and townships. Lines that run under buildings and roads are not a problem!

Underground Connections will work around your schedule. Our goal is to have the least amount of impact on your business’s operation.

Our trenchless solutions include:
Pipe Relining, Pipe Bursting, and Cure in Place Relining

Pipe Bursting Services:
We have both static and pneumatic methods of bursting as well as a Cured in Place relining system. We can replace pipe that is from 4 inch to 10 inches in diameter

Reliable power for tough jobs!
Underground Connections offers snaking and Jetting services to keep your lines clear!