Residential Sewer

Residential Before Residential After Sewer replacement is not usually at the top of anyone’s discretionary spending list, most people don’t even think about their sewer lines until there is a problem. We are usually contacted by our customers when they are experiencing sewer issues like a backup or slow drains. This is definitely a high stress problem! Uncertainty, lack of knowledge of the problem, and fear of what the cost of repairing or replacing the sewer are many of the feelings homeowners experience when an issue arises. Our high definition color sewer camera allows us to see line problems and make repairs!

Our goal at Underground Connections is to service every one of our customers to the best of our ability and at the same time with compassion, comfort, and absolutely no high pressure sales tactics. Underground Connections has immersed itself in the latest Trenchless Technologies to provide the best options and the best solution for your problem at a lower cost. With our trenchless services, our customers can replace their sewers without digging up landscaping, driveways or sewer lines under structures, and at a significant cost savings in most cases.

Services we provide homeowners:

Sewer camera inspection
We use a high definition color sewer camera to inspect the sewer line to see what the issue may be. This service is at no charge when we do a sanitary sewer replacement estimate.

NEW: Clog Dog
Drain cleaning for tough roots. This equipment will cut through roots if jetting is not an option or can be used in addition to jetting.

High pressure sewer jetting/hydro-scrubbing
When a sewer snake can’t do the job, we offer a high pressure jetting service. We have the equipment to clean your sewer with over 4000 psi of pressurized water. This system is excellent for cutting roots, grease and toilet paper blockages, as well as dirt and debris filled pipes. With our many nozzle set-ups we can jet from 4-24 inch pipes!

Sewer descaling:
Underground Connections has equipment to descale the cast iron lines under your house as well as your sewer lines. This method of descaling rehabs your cast iron lines to keep them flowing correctly.

If your sewer line needs replaced there are several trenchless options:

Pipe Relining
For sewer lines that have small offsets or root intrusion pipe re-lining is a good trenchless repair option. We install an epoxy resin based liner in your existing sewer line to prevent roots and help with flow. This process is usually installed in a day or less and carries a 50 year guarantee against root intrusion.

Pipe patch
Pipe Patch is trenchless method used for sewers that only have one trouble spot where roots are growing in. With pipe patch we are able to stop that trouble spot for good! With an easy application we are able to insert a resin coated patch over the affected area and stop the problem forever! This process is perfect for areas that are hard to access.

Pipe Bursting
When your sewer line is in bad shape, Pipe Bursting is a great economical method. With this method we excavate two small access holes and insert a bursting head. As the head is pulled through the sewer it fractures the existing sewer and installs a new, seamless high density polyethylene sewer line behind it. This trenchless method works well in root infested, broken, and offset sewers and carries a 100 year warranty against root intrusion.

We are now able to install a water or sewer line where none existed before. This is a great option for septic to sewer tie-ins, or new construction applications.