Introducing our New Sewer Maintenance Program...

Sewer Jetting Example As you already know, over time your sewer may develop issues such as root intrusion or accumulation of debris, as well as other potential problems. With our new sewer maintenance program, we can clear all of that debris as well as all root intrusion from your sewer main, which will result in improved flow and help avoid future backups.

Sewer back-ups can be costly, not to mention unsanitary. Experts recommend jetting your sewer lines annually to keep them in good condition and to help prevent future, unexpected back-ups.

One of our experienced technicians will perform a Sewer Tune-up on your residential sewer lateral main for one low price.

Our Sewer Tune-Up includes:
  • High pressure jetting of your residential sewer lateral main. (up to 125 ft.)
  • Camera line inspection to show condition of your sewer lateral (no charge)
  • Condition report for your records
  • Sewer Line Descaling
  • Scale can be a cause of obstructions in your sewer line. Sometimes jetting cannot do a complete job of descaling cast iron and sewer lines.Descaling is a method that removes tough scale and rehabs your cast iron pipes and sewer lines.
Call for details and to schedule an appointment for your Sewer Tune-up today! Contact us! Columbus area call 614.852.4755. All other areas call 330.410.4638 or 330.462.3679.